IVAM Valencia

31 Jul Dynamic and Eclectic Valencia

Valencia is one of the more dynamic and eclectic cities of Spain, because of its huge turistic agenda and its natural and historic heritage. Popular known because its architecture and gastronomy, and the atmosphere in its streets specially in summer; also because its weather, that makes easier to enjoy its beautiful beaches and coves throughout the year; Valencia is a city also well known because its outdoor sports activities offer, that also take advantage of the climate. But Valencia is also culture, and it’s becoming one of the cultural capitals of Spain, so this time we’re bringing you an overview of its amazing cultural programme: take good note of the better cultural plans for this August, intended for you!


We cannot start with another place than the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the main course of the city if we’re talking about the cultural movement. This time you’ll enjoy of the work of the architect Manolo Valdés in the lake of the museum, the ideal spot because the monumentalism of his art. Another good choice is always the IVAM, the Modern Art Museum of Valencia, with innovative proposals like the exhibit of Ignacio Pinaco and the vanguards, and also the exhibition of Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, “Postcards from War”.

In the Centro Bancaja of Valencia you’ll find this August a good list of interesting proposals too: like the exposition of the draws of Francis Bacon. You can also take a look at the Silk Museum, that is offering a sensitive sample of the clothing of the TV serie “Isabel”: if you’re a fan of the serie or os the historic costumes, you can’t miss it!

Laying aside the exhibits, Valencia has also space for the audiovisual delight with a good agenda dedicated to the music and cinema: take a look at the programme of the Jardines del Palau de la Música that is hosting the screening of films in VO; or maybe you’re more interested in the concerts of Live the Roof in Veles e Venet, but if you like the electronic music you should write down the Medusa Sunbeach Festival in Cullera, quite near to Valencia. You won’t stop dancing!


But this is not the end, in fact we hadn’t tell you even the half of the agenda of activities that will make you August amazing! Check here the complete agenda, or in the web pages the we were linking all along the post.

Don’t forget to check the Valencia Tourism webpage to prepare your trip. Enjoy Valencia!