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25 Apr The hidden treasures of Seville, the Palace Houses

Seville is a city that has an awesome heritage all along the city. The Giralada, the Tower of Gold or the Triana´s Bridge are the most famous monuments of the city.


If we ge tinto the streets of Seville, besides of enjoy an animated live of neighborhoods, we will find with architectonical hidden jewels, the Houses Palace of Seville.

The Houses Palace of Seville are places fill of art, beauty and surprises that you shouldn´t miss it, great hidden treasures of the city. Famous artists, froma italian and coming of the flemish style, arrive in Seville and express its Works in this Houses.

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The most representatives Houses Palace are the House of Salinas and the House of Pilatos. The first one is an example of the combination of the best Renaissance with Gothic and Mudejar with an armony of styles so difficult to see in another buildings of the age. The House of Pilatos combines the Italian Renaissance with the Spanish Mudejar, is considerated for many academics the prototype of the Andalusian Palace.


That´s Seville, a city with many treasures, many of them hidden among its tight streets.

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