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10 Apr
Las Médulas in León

One of the most beautiful landscapes that you will find in Peninsula is Las Médulas, a World Heritage Site since 1997. These characteristics reddish hills with a lot of green vegetation are the result of nature and the landslide that made the Romans to extract...

09 Apr
Córdoba in Orange Blossom

Córdoba opens Spring with the third edition of “Córdoba in Orange Blossom”. The city promotes itself around the world in a special way: sending 25,000 envelopes, with a physical flower of orange blossom, to a family member or friend from any country or hanging a...

09 Apr
Cuenca essence

Cuenca is beauty. The perfect harmony between city and nature is present in unforgettable views and in places that many do not know. The bowels of Cuenca are full of life and a good example of this are the numerous mines in the region. Mines that...

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05 Apr
Barcelona, ​​ family friendly city

We love to travel in Spring. If you're going to make a getaway with children, Barcelona offers thousands of options and activities so that fun is guaranteed throughout your stay in the city. Walking among sharks, caressing dolphins, feeling the adrenaline on a roller coaster, enjoying...

04 Apr
“I love shopping” in Antequera

The industrial activity in Antequera dates back to the late fifteenth century, when they began to implant in the city some textile factories that were proliferating in later centuries and becoming a benchmark of the Andalusian textile sector, reaching its peak in the first half...