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21 Oct
Seville, ideal destination for “Foodies”

  If for you the gastronomy is a very important part of your trip and you are looking for a city with a long culinary tradition for your next getaway, Seville is the ideal destination: its immense and delicious proposal of food and drink will leave...

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20 Oct
Segovia, a city that impresses

  Segovia, a World Heritage City, always impresses. It impresses its Roman aqueduct, its Cathedral and its Alcázar, its Jewish district, its stately houses, its unique panoramas, its extensive green areas and, of course, its gastronomy with the suckling pig as a star dish. Beyond monuments and...

19 Oct
Puertollano, pure essence castellanomanchega

  Puertollano is a simple but charming city, a good alternative for an autumn getaway if you travel alone, as a couple or as a family. There are proposals and plans for all types of travel because this destination is rich in heritage, culture, nature, sports,...

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18 Oct
Palencia, much more than a tourist destination

Palencia is a living city, which has been growing and becoming more beautiful, with the passage of the years. It is an example of good coexistence of styles and constructions of different historical moments. This city can not be understood without its Calle Mayor, epicenter...

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17 Oct
Discover Ourense from the train

Today we propose an alternative to travel around Ourense and enjoy some of its main attractions: thermal baths and commerce. Nothing like enjoying the pleasure and benefits of its hot springs and then stroll through its legendary streets and do some shopping. Enjoy shopping in the...

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16 Oct
A very warm autumn in Malaga

Malaga is the Capital of the Costa del Sol. And its climate does justice to that appellation: light and sun, throughout the year. In October, temperatures, in the central hours of the day, are more typical of summer. A privileged climate that makes it possible...