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26 Jun
The essentials for this summer in Villanueva de Cordova

The summer holidays are getting closer. If you do not like beach and bustle but nature in its pure state and a place to disconnect, Villanueva de Cordova awaits you. Once there, begin your stay in this beautiful Andalusian town with a visit to the Dehesa...

23 Jun
Valladolid hosts the World Padel

Valladolid hosts, this weekend, the World Padel Tour, in the heart of the city, in the Plaza Mayor. This is an important sporting event in regards to this sporting specialty. This is a great opportunity to enjoy not only this sport but also to take advantage...

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23 Jun
An unforgettable summer in Valencia

  Valencia is a city full of possibilities and a perfect destination for a summer break. Past, present and future merge in this city where culture, history, heritage, leisure and rich gastronomy abound. In the heart of the city is the Cathedral complex, around the Plaza de...

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22 Jun
Toledo at night

Toledo is a magical city and very beautiful, that hooks and falls in love with whoever visits it. Its beauty is even more accentuated when night falls and the city becomes mysterious. Today we recommend a series of nocturnal routes that will help you to know...

22 Jun
Night in white Zaragoza 2017

Saragossa has everything ready for a new edition of itsNight in White, which will celebrate on the night of 24th to 25th June, and which offers many cultural activities (the great majority free) linked with music, art, magic or theater to enjoy a unique night...

Gladiadors. Arts Dimicando (Itàlia), Nemesis Arq. (Tarragona). Amfiteatre romà de Tàrraco, Patrimoni Mundial UNESCOTarragona Història Viva, estiu 2016. Tarragona, Tarragonès, Tarragona
21 Jun
Tarragona travels to its Roman past with Living History

If you are curious about everything that has to do with ancient Rome, you should take a trip to Tarragona and enjoy "Living History". An event that, from July 15th to September 2nd, the city recreates its Roman past in the Amphitheater, with breathtaking views...