Façana del Museu de Lleida

14 Apr A great cultural offer in Lleida

Coming to middle April is time to start thinking to make a trip during this Spring or, for the most cautious, planing our summer holidays. We will talk of an ideal destination for both options, Lleida.


In Catalonio we will find a big touristic offer for enjoy of everyone. Big and cosmopolita cities, small charmed villages, enjoy a bath in the Mediterranean Sea, everything you are looking for you got it.

A city that is an essential in Catalonia is Lleida. The second most important city, after Barcelona, offer us a world of possiblities.


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Among the cultural interest godos, we will stand out la Seu Vella, la Seu Nova and the Palace of la Paeria.

The city also have an important and interesting net of museums. In our visit we could visit the Museum of Lleida, the Museum of Art Jaume Morera, the Art Center la Panera, the Water Museum. Roda Roda and the House of the Giants. With the visit to this museums we will understand so much better the habits of the city and their people.

Verges del Museu de Lleida

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More info: http://www.turismedelleida.cat/viure-a-lleida-es/museus