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01 Sep Albacete celebrates its popular September Fair of International Tourist Interest

From 7th to 17th September, Albacete celebrates its traditional Fair that goes for its thirty-seventh edition. A party full of fun, joy, fervor and religiosity. Throughout these ten days of fair the celebration feels in every corner but the zero zone of the fun is in the Fairground. A place to spend the days (and also the nights) of this fair dedicated to the Virgin of the Plains.

The Fair begins with the transfer of the Virgin of the Plains to the “pan” (name by which this fairground is known) and the opening cavalcade. From now on parades, masses, concerts, pyrotechnic shows, sports tournaments, activities … encourage all people who want to participate.

At the same time, the Bullfighting Fair of Albacete takes place, which, on this occasion, will bring the city to “El Juli” and José María Manzanares, and which will start with the bullfight in La Quinta, in which the local representation will be absolute. From 8th to 17th August there are commemorative runs, rejones, chopped novilladas, ternas, mixed races …

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