03 Apr Alicante gives light, beauty and joy


The Mediterranean sea makes posible that Alicante gives light, beauty and joy to those who know it. A city with an enviable climate with a special luminosity, you can enjoy outdoors, on the streets, terraces, walks, beaches, coastline … and its rich heritage: archaeological sites,monuments, castle and museums. An irresistible offer that is completed with a cultural and natural agenda: a few kilometers from the city you can discover Parque de las Salinas of Santa Pola and El Hondo where you can see flamingos and other birds, and on the Island of Tabarca you will find a marine reserve that will impress you.

During your stay in the city, you must visit the Castle of Santa Bárbara, one of the great medieval fortresses of Spain, at 166 meters of altitude. From there, you will have a view of the spectacular bay of Alicante. The historical, religious and civil buildings, which reveal an exciting past like the Town Hall, Casa Carbonell, Mercado Central or San Nicolás Concatedral.

Gastronomy is another of the experiences in Alicante. Rice, a fundamental ingredient, is the star of many dishes, abut you can taste fresh fish and seafood and delicious vegetables.