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05 May Antequera, traditional flavor

Cereals, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are some of the protagonists of the gastronomy of Antequera, coming from the Vega crops, which are the base of many with its typical dishes such as porra, which is made with bread , olive oil, garlic, tomato and pepper; ajoblanco, paprika, gazpachuelo, crumbs and some salads, such as thistles.

But in Antequera you can also enjoy their game dishes, such as rabbit to cortijera and pastoral goat, and pickled fish, a way of preserving food that goes back to Roman times.

In the dessert section, the bienmesabe is simply delicious. It is a sweet made with ground almond, sponge cake and angel hair. And another outstanding product is the muffin, a type of Arab bread, of white crumb and little cooked, that is elaborated of artisan form. The muffin lends itself to multiple accompaniments such as butter, olive oil, greaves, loin skewer, pâté, sausage …

The gastronomic appeal of Antequera is complemented by an irresistible tourist offer, ideal to spend a few days in this city.

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