APERTURA 2002[1]

06 Jul Antequera´s Moonlight

Antequera again which is undoubtedly the queen of all summer activities, returns this summer moonlight. Until next September 17th you can enjoy many activities in the Antequera area.

A set of night tours of the city and its surroundings. Thanks to them, you’ll discover a different way the historical and cultural heritage of Antequera, from the dolmens archaeological site of Antequera to the Natural Park of El Torcal, some walking and others in electric microbus, as the journey through the streets of the city and its old town.

Torcal-Agrio Tinterillo

Dolmen de Antequera are one of the best-known exponents of European megaliths. Megalithic monuments were used for ritual and funerary purposes and this year make up the Spanish candidacy for World Heritage of UNESCO.

The Natural Park of El Torcal is known for its whimsical forms that the various agents of erosion have shaped its limestone rocks, constituting an outstanding example of karst landscape. Here you can enjoy hiking at sunset, dinner under the stars or even astronomical observations.

With “Antequera Moonlight” and its full program of activities, you will discover a different way to see the city with the unique charm featuring the magical night light.

More info: http://bit.ly/1Og2nva