Semana Santa 2018 -

03 Mar Art, history and tradition in the Holy Week of Antequera

The Holy Week of Antequera has a series of differentiating elements that make it a beautiful and harmonious set where art, history, tradition and faith are intermingled. The brotherhoods and brotherhoods have a rich and monumental processional trousseau and processional parades have a series of peculiarities that make them unique in the whole of Andalusian Holy Week.

The steps are carried on the shoulder (unlike the costaleros) by the “hermanacos”, characterized by their clothing and by the use of “hairpins” to hold the throne when it is stopped. In front of them is the Big Brother of Insignia, who, standing in front of the pass, guides the brotherhoods during the journey of the procession. We must also mention another central figure of the Holy Week of Antequera as the luxury bellman: boy or girl of no more than eight years, usually belonging to a family of the brotherhood, wearing a velvet tunic embroidered in gold thread with long tail. The bellmen go with the Big Brother and his mission is to ring some bells warning that the throne is going to start walking or that he is already doing it.

It should be noted that the Antequerana Holy Week is what is known as “run la vega”, a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest by the Diputación Provincial de Málaga since 2012, which consists of running up the thrones of some brotherhoods along the steep slopes that, in the end of the processional journey, they lead to the temples-headquarters.

All these characteristics and some more, such as the large pedestals of the virgins, the typology of the passage of canopy, the banners, etc., make the Holy Week of Antequera have its own style and different from any other place. A unique Holy Week, of exceptional interest.