06 Feb Taste Calatayud

One of the strengths of Calatayud is its gastronomy: excellent dishes, magnificent DO Calatayud wines and delicious desserts. Its wines come from Garnacha grape and one of the main heritages of Calatayud are its vineyards, with many years of antiquity. This grape produces a red wine of excellent quality, perfect to accompany the numerous and tasty pinchos in the numerous terraces of the historic center of the city.

One of its most typical dishes is the dry conger and another very famous is also the Aragonese ternasco. The first is a dish with a lot of travel (he came to Calatayud from the Galician town of Muxía) and you can taste it with chickpeas, an authentic delicacy that you should try if you are enjoying a few days in this Aragonese town. As for the meat highlights ternasco, which is what they call the young lamb, a typical pastoral dish that managed to unite three cultures (Jewish, Muslim and Christian). It is an authentic specialty of Calatayud cuisine that is usually served with potatoes, marinated or stewed.

After the meal comes the dessert. In Calatayud you can find a wide variety of sweets, from its fruits marinated in liquor, cooked in syrup and covered with cocoa, passing through its sweets with its peculiar biscuits for it shape, it large caramels or the sweet king: chocolate. In fact, it was in this city where it was first developed in Spain, in the Order of the Cister, and that it delighted all the European royalty.

If you are one of the people that gastronomy is one of the strong points in your getways, Calatayud should be on your list of destinations to visit.