Cartel Fiestas de San Roque de Calatayud

05 Aug Calatayud is ready for its San Roque

What’s the event of August that every neighbour is waiting? The main festivities of the city: the festivities of San Roque. Five days where locals gather in the “peñas” to represent the colours of their t-shirts with pilgrimages, meals, brass bands plus other events.

This popular festivities oficially takes place between de 12th and the 16th August, but the activities and ceremonies start a few days before: on the 5th August begins everything with the dinner in honour of the “peñista” of the year, in order to be completely ready on the big day to grace de Saint.

The day before of the “chupinazo” (the main course), the “peñas” are introduced oficially and It’s also celebrated the “vino del honor” where the visitants and locals take a cup of wine of the region and free acces to every act of the day.

The pilgrimage to the Hermitage of San Roque is another mythic tradition of this party. This hermitage is located in the hill of Armantes and this peregrination takes place in the early morning of the 15th -16th August, and every single “peña” unify with each other when is the turn of the prayer, the kiss and the greeting to the Saint. After that everybody sing the joys: a breathtaking show you shouldn’t miss

Ten “peñas” are the ones that turn this party into an essential tradition. They represent the proud and satisfaction of the village, covering every square of colour, the different colousr of its t-shirts.

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Finally, you can’t miss the musts of this city: the Palace of Erlueta (renaissance, S.XVI), its Jewry with its synagoge and the charming Mesón de la Dolores (the older civil building of the city). Fantasy in every corner.

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