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01 Dec Extraordinary City of Albacete Cathedra with Antonio López


Culture and art lovers have a unique opportunity in Albacete: the ninth year of the “Extraordinary City of Albacete Cathedra” held in this city from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January 2018 in the Municipal Museum of Albacete, and will organize a workshop by Antonio López (Velázquez Prize 2006 and Príncipe de Asturias Prize 1985).

His painting is realistic and slow to elaborate, which gives it a special intensity, on the one hand it involves the investigation of a philosopher who wants to discover, and on the other hand it aims to reveal human anguish.

This workshop places us before wilted nature, and aims to capture its essence from its fleeting appearance. He proposes to his students to paint from a naked person before them. During the days that the magisterial lessons last, the still life will wither while capturing the nuances of the skin and the musculature.

The maximum limit of people to participate in the course is 20 students and the deadline to submit the application is December 15. The price is 200 euros. During the course Antonio will choose as many exercises as he deems appropriate, which will become part of the Artistic Fund of the City of Albacete.