23 dic Christmas, better with Avexperience

Christmas is a great time for enjoy with the family, to encounters with those far away and, why not, to travel and get away from obligations. Avexperience is your best ally if  you need a break for live memorables moments in our 20 unique destinations. You can choose one of this cities or also visit more in a single getaway: Alicante, Antequera, Barcelona, Calatayud, Ciudad Real, Cordoba, Cuenca, Lleida, Madrid, Malaga, Puertollano, Segovia, Seville, Tarragona , Toledo, Valencia, Villanueva de Córdoba, Villena, Valladolid and Zaragoza, make AVE Cities Network and its tourism, heritage, cultural and gastronomic offer is unbeatable.

All of them have in common an spectacular infrastructure, as is the Spanish high-speed line (AVE), which connects them by railway. In addition, Alcázar de San Juan, Elche, Ourense and Talavera de la Reina are currently attached members, having provided its medium-term connection with such infrastructure and an AVE stop. AVE Cities Network is a network that facilitates and promotes a fruitful collaboration in development and tourism promotion between these cities.

To facilitate travel to tourists visiting Spain and from other countries, articulates the Renfe Renfe Spain Pass service. A new way of traveling that makes travel, flexibility, being able to see several destinations in the AVE Network Cities in the same getaway. You can choose as many trips as you like (4, 6, 8, 10 or 12) and purchase up to 6 months in advance. Renfe Spain Pass is available in two categories (Economy and Business) and two age groups (children and adults); includes all and AVE in long and medium distance trains. Places are booked through Internet travel agencies or stations.

Join Avexperience and enjoy the holidays so much

Merry Christmas !!!!


Christmas Avexperience