Aquapark Day Circuit Festival

04 Aug Circuit Festival Barcelona

Barcelona is known throughout the world for its close cosmopolitanism, its dynamic creative movement, its architecture and beaches, its commercial offer and gastronomy… amongst many other things. But maybe not everybody know that in summer Barcelona is the International Capital of the Gay World… but why? Because among all the usual events and parties dedicated to the LGTBI community, there’s one that stands out above the rest: the Barcelona Circuit Festival, 15 days of theme parties, different kind of multicultural events, performances of more than 50 artists and much more activities to enjoy of this agenda which will take place between the 5th and the 20th August.

This year is the 10th anniversary of this awesome celebration of homosexual love and LGTBI community, and of course everyone is invited! The main ingredient are the parties in pubs and clubs of the city, but in addition there’re much more: the already famous Waterpark day (15th August) an incredible one-day festival in an aquapark, with music, pools and water slides; sports activities in gyms and outdoors; a complete cultural agenda full of exhibits (like “Genre Project – 10 years”, “Lightforms/Soundforms”), talks and workshops, cultural routes (like the one dedicated to the prosecutions against the LGTBI members in the historic Barcelona) and also the cinefórum.

To move through all the different places of the pre-parties, parties, activities, performances, etc., the festival has its own bus, the “Circuit Bus”, that will star its routes from Catalunya Square to every single places to be.

Whether you thinked about coming before or not, this year is the perfect one to attend this festival. Come to one of the most important international LGTBI events in Spain. You’ll find all the info in this link.

And as always we recommend to chek out the tourism webpage of Barcelona to squeeze your trip!