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08 Nov Ciudad Real leaves a very good taste

If you visit Ciudad Real and you want to take a good memory not only in your mind but also in your suitcase, this land has dozens of products with designations of origin of the highest quality that you will love.

For example, a good olive oil. Highly recommended are Campo de Calatrava, Montes de Toledo and Campo de Montiel. You should also try the Designation of Origin of Saffron from La Mancha, which is indispensable in any stew, and the Protected Geographical Indication of such select products as Melon de La Mancha, Eggplants from Almagro and Pan de Cruz from Ciudad Real.

And, as you know, the two products that define and give La Mancha worldwide fame are cheese and wine. The Manchego Cheese Designation of Origin guarantees its elaboration with milk from Manchego sheep, an autochthonous breed that is also protected through the Protected Geographical Indication of the Manchego Lamb.

In relation to the wine of La Mancha, there are two major appellations of origin: Valdepeñas wine and La Mancha wine but it is also highly recommended that you try the wines covered by the Denomination of Origin of Wines of Payment or those of the Protected Geographical Indication of Wines from the land of Castilla.

The most recommended streets to buy this type of gourmet products are General Aguilera, General Rey, Plaza del Pilar, Plaza Mayor, Carlos Vázquez, Paloma, Toledo, Calatrava or Ciruela.


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