Cartel Feria de Agosto Ciudad Real

07 Aug Ciudad Real: Fairs, Gastronomy and Culture

Ciudad Real, in the Mancha territory, is pure tradition and culture. Bastion of the quixotic culture and with an incredible gastronomy, the locals are preparing its August Fair.


From the 14th until the 22nd August takes place the August Fair of Ciudad Real, the moment to grace the Patroness of the city: Señora del Prado. The agenda of this festivities is fulfilled with pilgrimages, bullfights, concerts and more activities , waiting for locals and visitants as well. But with no doubts, the main character of this week is the “Baile del Vermú”, that is celebrated every day and turns the Main Square of the city into a festival of joyful and party.

Besides the August Fair attracts the attention, Ciudad Real has a lot to offer. You can’t miss its gothic churchs, the “Puerta de Toledo” (Toledo’s Door), its museums (especially the Museum of Quijote) or the Cervantine Library, a great tribute to one of the greatest Spanish writers.

A bit further from the city centre you’ll find an amazing natural heritage composed of the Guadiana River and the Archeological Park of Alarcos, where between other attractions, you’ll find the volcanic lakes of Campo de Calatrava.

Before leaving you’ve to taste its gastronomy: traditional, rich and tasty! In the form of a complete course or like a “tapa”, everything counts!


Don’t forget to take a look at the Ciudad Real tourism webpage for further information, in order to turn your trip into an experience!