07 Mar Ciudad Real, full of life

The center of Ciudad Real is the faithful reflection of the patrimonial and architectural wealth of this destination located in the heart of La Mancha. The Plaza Mayor, with its peculiar Neo-Gothic Town Hall, and the Carillon Clock, from whose Casa del Arco, former Town Hall, the figures of Cervantes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza appear at certain times, to the sound of the music of their bells are two of the main hallmarks of this city. Also known as the “Gothic triangle”, formed by the S.I.P.B. Cathedral of Santa María del Prado (XV century), which was the nucleus of the Morería in the old Villa Real, the Church of San Pedro (XIV), which kept the circumscription of the old Christian quarter and the Church of Santiago (S .XIII), the old nucleus of the Jewish quarter of the capital.

Another highly recommended visit during your stay in the city is the Archaeological Park of Alarcos – Calatrava la Vieja which represents the Christian and Muslim cultures: Alarcos, symbol of Christian power, and Calatrava, a monument of Islamic power already extinct, briefly rejuvenated under the influence Almohad.

Another of the outstanding assets of Ciudad Real is its cuisine that is a reflection of the ways of life and cultures that have inhabited this territory: an austere and varied cuisine, simple and pastoral, as well as Don Miguel de Cervantes in his most universal work, Don Quijote of La Mancha. Cheese and wine, both with Designation of Origin, are the protagonists of a table in which the hunting can not miss, as much major as minor. Partridges and quail or delicious sausages from wild boar or deer meat are characteristic of the province.

This Holy Week, you know: Ciudad Real is waiting for you to enjoy its heritage, culture, leisure, gastronomy and lifestyle.