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08 Mar Ciudad Real: wine and tradition

When you think about Ciudad Real the words Castilian tradition, land, flavour and history, automatically comes to your mind; Ciudad Real is authentic and is ready to captivate you with all its essence and simplicity. From Avexperience we are offering a good brief about all the things you cand do in this city, so once you are there you won’t miss nothing and will want more and more!

Beginning with the religious buildings we must start with the austere gothic style from Castilla represented by the Santiago Church or the Nuestra Señora del Prado Cathedral, which sobriety and exterior easiness safeguards a real monumental masterpiece, and that after several remodelations and functional reorientations, it’s still having its natural bright. Special mention deserves the San Pedro Church, because its great entrances, preceded with a great amount of vegetation, it’s a perfect example of the splendor of its times.

If you want to go even more back in history, come into city through the Toledo door, the last trace of the great wall that used to protect the city on the Middle Ages; so later you could be able to step forward into the history visiting the Antiguo Casino, where you will be amazed by the bourgeois spirit that originates the building; and if you have the opportunity, just 5 minutes walk from there, is the Quijote museum, a multidisciplinar space where you’ll enjoy like nowhere the worldview of this character. In the Toledo street, quite farther, is the Diputación Palace, in which interior worthswhile the vault and the permanent exhibitions held by its galeries.

And for sure moving apart from the city is a good option to visit Alarcos, in particular its hermitage and the Alarcos-Calatrava archeological park. In this hermitage devoted to Nuestra Señora de Alarcos you’ll find with no doubts, all the peace you need between the light flashes that cross its corridors. On the other hand we have the archeological park representing the same duality of the history of the province: formed by the Cristian beds from Alarcos and the Muslim ones of Calatrava, here the time stops and takes you back in the past.

Check the connections from the city center and some other information:

In addition, Easter is just around the corner and the Holy Week of Ciudad Real is really special because it recieves influence from the brotherhoods of Andalusia, Levante and Castilla; declared National Tourist Interest, you can’t miss it ! And if you are not already convinced, we just have to say three words: cheese, wine and hunt. The gastronomy of Castilla la Mancha doesn’t need to be praised because it just need itself: with the “tiznao”, the “migas”, the lamb stew … a variated gastronomy that knows how to take advantage of the richness of the land.

To make everything even easier, you can take a look at the guided tours, that are really complete and also cheap (every Saturday at 11:30 from the Municipal Tourism Office). But if your prefer to do it by yourself, there’s also a travel guide available on the Internet with more information, download it here:

(just in Spanish)

And if you are a wine lover, here you have a complete guide dedicated to the wine of the region:

(available in English)