08 Feb Ciudad Real, a charming city


Ciudad Real is a highly recommended destination for those seeking a city without crowds and quiet but full of life and interesting proposals to get the most out of your stay. A complete city where there is an abundance of heritage, history, quixotic culture and its traditional but also modern, young, restless and growing gastronomy.

Founded by Alfonso X “El Sabio” in 1255, it highlights three beautiful Gothic churches, the Puerta de Toledo and its museums and you will feel the presence of Don Quixote for each of its squares and corners, dedicating one of its museums, which also it has an important Cervantine Library.

Impressive its Main Square, with its neo-Gothic town hall and Carillon Clock, whose Casa del Arco, former Town Hall, the figures of Cervantes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza appear at certain times, to the sound of the music of their bells. Do not miss its known as “gothic triangle”, formed by the S.I.P.B. Cathedral of Santa María del Prado (XV century), which was the nucleus of the Morería in the old Villa Real; Church of San Pedro (XIV), which kept the circumscription of the old Christian quarter; and Church of Santiago (13th century), old nucleus of the Jewish quarter of the capital.

Another of the strengths of Ciudad Real are its gardens and parks that house emblematic sculptures of the city, such as “La Talaverana” fountain, and banks with varied Quixote motifs in Parque de Gasset. The Prado Gardens, in front of the Cathedral, are another example of representative sculptures, in this case of Pandorga Festival.

If you are going to spend a few days in this city, also visit the Archaeological Park of Alarcos, point origin of its history, which is located in an environment characterized by the Volcanic Lagoons of Campo de Calatrava. A unique and inspiring landscape.

More information: www.ciudadreal.es