Castells Tarragona

22 Jul Come to Tarragona and meet its Castells

Placed in Costa Brava, drinking from the Mediterranean sea and breathing its warm breeze, we find Tarragona. A city with several years of history, Roman remains through the town centre and shared culture with Catalonia, meets the necessary requirements to make a great experience of your summer holidays.


Follow the path of the defensive wall from the Roman period, amuse yourself with the amphitheatre, walk below the aqueduct or try to imagine the spectacles in the Roman circus, one of the best preserved ones. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the wide range of museums like the National Archeological Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Necropolis Museum and much more, or try to visit all of them!

But the main attraction of these dates (and until the 24th of September) are the well-known Castells. In Tarragona’s program, City of Castells you’ll find all the activities related to this tradition of more than 200 years of antiquity, that was born in this city that we are talking about. What better place than Tarragona to enjoy them?

If you are lost, Castells are high human towers. They represent struggle, passion, and moments in which seconds become important and these feelings are reunited in the motto: “strength, stability, courage and seny”. No one can feel it as the people from Tarragona and no one will make you enjoy it as them with the called “collas”, which are the different groups of people that take part in this activity (Xiquets, Joves, Castellers and Sant Pere i Sant Pau).


If you want more info just check out the oficial program in which we can highlight the tours from every Tuesday to every Friday, going through the history of the Castells in detail.

For further information about activities, cultural agenda, heritage, beaches, gastronomy, and everything you could need, visit the tourism website of Tarragona: