26 abr “Crosses Fest” in Villanueva de Cordoba

Villanueva de Córdoba celebrates every May, the Feast of the Cross, with which welcomes spring. There are two categories of crosses, indoors and outdoors. The first is performed inside the houses, in a room or on the patio, adorning not only the cross, but also walls, ceiling and floor is covered pots. The second adorn streets and, for this category is used in some cases the stone crosses in the streets of the town.

The tradition in Villanueva de Córdoba focuses on the floral motif. The crosses are covered in flowers and numerous ornaments, which in recent years mixed with the usual fanfare latest imaginative created. The music is part of this traditional festival since, once, they sang “Mays” and now are the ensembles of this beautiful Avexperience destination the moving of a cross to another to honor them with their music.

This year the traditional contest May Crosses, organized from the Department of Culture and Celebration of the City, will be held on 2nd and 3rd May, in which the streets of Villanueva de Córdoba are filled with people who enjoy this colorful festival and ends up tasting the rich cuisine, especially Iberian pork products and excellent bellota hams.

May Crosses are part of the culture and tradition of this Andalusian town. Enjoy them with an Avexperience getaway.

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