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11 Oct Cuenca wants to become the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2018

Cuenca wants to be the next Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2018 and has plenty of reasons for it: its gastronomy has an indisputable and unique personality and character. It is based on cattle grazing and hunting and has two prominent protagonists, the lamb and the pig, present in dishes as traditional as the Morteruelo (a thick pâté based on quail partridge , hen, hare, rabbit and pig); Ajoarriero (another kind of pâté made with potatoes, cod, breadcrumbs and boiled eggs) or the Zarajos (they are the tenderest guts of the lamb well marinated and then toasted in the embers). Also complete the typical menu of Cuenca the sausages, the boar, the deer, the rabbit, the hare, the trout and, of course, the cheeses, that can be taken fresh, cured, in oil and fried, that serve like aperitivo or as delicious dessert are accompanied by grapes, honey or quinces. The star dessert is Alajú (a paste of honey and almonds with breadcrumbs, cut in round, and covered with two wafers with which is obtained cake).

On the oder hand, the manchego wines stand out for their flavor, variety and quality and the typical liqueur of the zone is the resolí. It is a drink made with spirits of the sierra, coffee, orange essence, sugar and cinnamon in branch and that is considered digestive, reason why is served with the desserts.

With a gastronomy so personal and delicious, Cuenca will live up to the distinction to which it aspires. Good luck!