Cartel San Julián 2017

09 Aug Cuenca closes the summer

There’s a better way to close the summer than partying? In Cuenca they know how to deal with the end of the summer, celebrating their popular festivities: The Fairs and Festivities of San Julián, where apart from gracing the saint, closes every summer with a Golden brooch.


The San Julián Festivity starts on the 24th August like every year, with the procession of the neighbourhood floats coupled with the bands and the brass bands, that will make the soundtrack of the parade. The music is gonna be the main ingredient of this programme: with the performances of famous artists like Leiva, Antonio Orozco or El Dúo Dinámino, moreover another artists that will be making tributes of great artists and playing their own pieces.

We can’t forget the theatre, the monologues and the workshops that have their own places in this agenda. Most of the activities will take place in the San Julián Square, the perfect spot for this party that locals and visitants enjoy as well.

Cuenca has activities for all audiences, so check the complete agenda of this festivities to choose the events that fits you.


If you have already prepared your trip to Cuenca for an ealier dates don’t worry, because the programme of  the “Los Veranos de Cuenca” cycle has all kind of activities for every day of the month. Here you have the complete programme of this cycle. And, don’t forget of taking a look at the Cuenca tourism webpage, the perfect place to learn more about the city and be prepared once you’ll there.