09 Dec Cuenca, a beautiful Christmas print

This Christmas we propose you a getaway to Cuenca, a World Heritage Site, a city that engages, for many reasons, including: how well the city fits in with the nature that surrounds it and the gorges of the Huécar and Júcar rivers that represent an authentic green lung of incalculable value. A nature that is also reflected even in its cuisine, where the mountain is present in its typical dishes of hunting.

Cuenca has so much magic that it has even inspired painters like Zobel, Torner, Rueda, Sempere or even Antonio Saura to make Cuenca their favorite place to let their creativity flow. The artists love it, that is why art galleries are frequent. And talking about art, the city is rich in crafts, especially as far as ceramics are concerned. The Anciente crafts center of the Church of Santa Cruz is highly recommended.

Beyond its famous Hanging Houses, the San Pablo Bridge, the Plaza Mayor or its Cathedral, Cuenca invites you to get lost in its steep and cobbled streets, full of colorful houses and contemplate the spectacular views from its many viewpoints to the sickles.

That’s why, this Christmas, enjoy a Cuenca getaway and let this city stay in you.

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