30 Mar Zaragoza markets

Today we go to markets in Zaragoza because we love finding everything and especially those things that do not usually offer shopping centers. We want to have a good time, let us surprise, have fun and buy something. There are many markets that we will find in but we will stop in the following ones:

-Arms Market: Located in San Pablo neighborhood, you will find the best fashion designs, furniture, decoration, food, literature, music, workshops and live music. Second Sunday of every month. The next edition is April 8th.


-Season Market: It takes place on the third Sunday of each month. The next appointment is April 17th. Small and ecological places where you can taste and buy seasonal products as well as bread, cheeses, wines, craft beers, oils and coffees. There are also workshops and specialized tastings


-Collection market: On Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can delight in this market that takes place at Plaza San Francisco. Collectors can find everything here.


-Agroecological Market: It is celebrated every Saturday at Hispanidad área in Plaza del Pilar. You will find all kinds of organic agricultural products and livestock and artisans.


-San Bruno Antiques Market: Enjoy it on Sunday mornings at Plaza de la Seo. You will find everything related to antiques as well as crafts, literature, comics, painting or food, among others.


-Almoraza “El Rastro” Market: It is the largest in the city and is installed on Sunday mornings in the South Parking of the Expo. Ideal for finding antiques and curious things from past eras.