27 Dec Tourist route at Christmas in Villanueva de Córdoba

We go to Villanueva de Córdoba, which offers us this Christmas some tourist activities along the most characteristic routes of the city.

We have the Ruta del Granito during the days of December 23rd and 30th, in which the most emblematic civil and religious buildings of the town rise. Another route is the route “A day in the pasture with the cattle rancher” that we can enjoy every day, this route offers us to spend an unbeatable day in an incredible natural viewpoint. We can also make a free route through “The Traditional Nativity Scenes” which is a very ingrained habit in this town, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Another free route offered by the city are the “Christmas windows” for these holidays, as shops change radically these days to be adorned in these dates. Finally, we have the definitive free route through “the Balconies and Christmas windows” in which lighting, creativity, image and originality are the protagonists in this pleasant walk through the city.

Villanueva de Córdoba has a large architectural heritage, made of granite, which include the Parish Church of San Miguel, Church of San Sebastian or the Convent of “Las Obreras”, among others. Note also the anti-aircraft shelter of the civil war, built in 1937, to protect the population from aerial bombardment, located under the Plaza de España. It is a huge space divided into five naves by splendid red brick arches that rest on thick granite pillars. It has access to three tunnels, one of which reaches 70 meters.

Villanueva de Córdoba Christmas Program: http://bit.ly/2BVGSyo

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