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25 Sep Tapas in Valladolid


If you like to go tapas, Valladolid is a destination that you should visit. There are many areas and places that offer all types of tapas and portions of the richest, based on traditional and indigenous cuisine as in the most modern and avant-garde. You can taste them in any place but there are areas of tapas with a good atmosphere to go out for drinks, especially recommended: the surroundings of the squares Marti and Monsó, Portugalete, University, San Pablo, Brígidas … the walk of Zorrilla or the neighborhoods of the Rondilla, Delicias, Parquesol, among others.

In them you will find all kinds of bars, inns and restaurants that offer you a lot of variety of tapas and at affordable prices.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Valladolid is a benchmark of the tapas, in Spain, or because it celebrates each year the popular National Tapas and Tapas Competition (held in November) in which dozens of locals who strive every year to be overcome. And is that going out of tapas in Valladolid is already culture.

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