02 Feb Sport and good gastronomy in Alicante

The city celebrates, tomorrow Saturday, the first race Brevet Randonneur cycling, long distance or ultra-long distance cycling, of the 5 that will be made throughout this year. The attendance of more than a hundred cyclists from 31 locations such as Seville, Bizkaia, Madrid, Albacete, Murcia, Teruel, Valencia and Alicante has already been confirmed.

The aim of the randonneur is to promote an activity that rewards the efforts of those cyclists who wish to test their personal limits by combining the fun of tourism with the characteristics of distance cycling. During the stages a total self-sufficiency of the participant will predominate, being prohibited to receive assistance outside the established control points.The calendar and distance of the five brevets that will be held in Alicante are the following: February 3rd, 200 km; March 10th, 300 km; April 7th, 400 km; May 12th, 600 km; and October 5th, 1,000 Kilometers.

After so much effort on the bike and burn calories, nothing better than regain strength with a good Alicante rice. On February 12 the restaurant Dársena de Alicante hosts the III Symposium of Rice that brings together chefs and experts around the theme “Rices tasty, healthy rice”.