31 mar Devotion and emotion this Holy Week, with Avexperience

Holy Week transforms Spain. Every corner of the country lives devotion, passion and emotion in those days awaken processions and arrows. This celebration is recognized as a party of interest, a unique opportunity to make an Avexperience getaway and discover a country full of contrasts and traditions, and understanding of its history and customs. And, why not, to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

In each zone Easter celebrated differently. But let’s start this walk through the south, where he lives with great fervor and devotion. Antequera is the first Avexperience destination where we stop. Stresses preserve it identity and essence, and campanilleros, children aged 8 to announce the arrival of the steps. If you are after a week of meditation then your destination is Cordoba and Malaga, we find two very different forms of processions, one of postwar and one late 70s Meanwhile, Villanueva de Córdoba, has processions elapse from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and a rich cultural and natural heritage. To finish our tour of the south, we reach one of the most important cities in the Easter Spanish: Seville, whose celebration dates back to the fifteenth century, with processions throughout the day, night and even early morning.

And from Andalusia to Levante, sun and beach area par excellence, enclosing cities full of traditions. Let’s start with Alicante, where the Holy Week begins with the arrival of the processions from the sea. In Valencia, we find the Maritime Holy Week, a unique way to commemorate it. And in Villena, where the Holy Week begins on Good Friday with the transfer of the steps to the church of Santiago Arciprestral, and the most emotional moment is the procession of the Encounter.

We continue along the coast and stop in Catalonia. In Barcelona, this is the ideal place to enjoy this destination for good weather and the gastronomy of this season, such as Easter cakes. In Lleida, we find tradition and devotion, with its penitential processions and parade Armats dels Dolors. And in Tarragona, we can enjoy the Good Friday procession in which gunsmiths make the collection of the steps before the procession of the Holy Burial.

From Catalonia to Aragon. Its capital, Zaragoza, mixing in his Easter Castilian and Andalusian traditions, in which arrows and jacks are mixed with the sound of drums, bass drums and timbales. In Calatayud, the Bilbilitana Easter is one of the oldest and quirky, with significant biblical representation.

And to end our tour around Avexperience destinations in Easter, we headed to the Midwest. Ciudad Real Holy Week is known for its great cultural and artistic richness, with great Castilian, Levantine and Andalusian influence. In Cuenca, we find an Easter six centuries old, mixed with cultural events such as the Week of Music. In Puertollano, you can enjoy religious and cultural tradition, with the celebration of processions through the streets and the possibility of discovering its mining tradition. In Toledo, Easter Sunday is the most important day, but if what you want is culture and history must visit monuments and museums. Valladolid, mixing religion and art in the street, with major exhibitions of religious imagery in their processions. In Segovia, especially recommended is the procession of Holy Wednesday, if you want to impregnarte of its solemnity. And finally, in the capital, Madrid, await dozens of concerts of sacred music, processions besides gastronomy of this celebration.

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