05 Aug Discover the charming Catalayud

For the city of Calatayud there happened a big number of peoples, Romans, Jews, Arabs and Christians, and they all brought its small sand granite to the city. The Romans constructed the city of Bibile, hence the origin of the national onlooker of Calatayud, which is to approximately 6 km from the city and is opened for the public of free form.


The Arabs left a patrimony of big importance in the city, constructed sets fortified between those that the Ayud castle emphasizes. During the reconquest, the Christians modified many Arab constructions to demonstrate its power, there where there was a mosque they raised a church. The best demonstration of this is the Collegiate church of Santa Maria The Biggest, declared Patrimony of the Humanity, and that it is provided with a tower, an apse and a Mudejar cloister.


Close to Calatayud there is the Spa Pallarés where there is the second biggest thermal lake of Europe, the springs that feed it flow to a constant temperature of 32 degrees centigrade. A bath in this spa they will allow you to strengthen the body, breathe better and revitalize the organism.

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