22 Aug Enjoy the beaches of Tarragona

Enjoy the beach and the good weather before the summer is finished. The beaches of Tarragona are perfect to go of getaway, the temperature of the water is good, and the thin and golden sand, hence the name of the golden coast.

You can find wider beaches or small coves that offer more intimacy, it depends on for what you want, although they all allow to give you an agreeable bath and walks along its shore, not too steep that facilitates the task.

Many of the beaches are provided with blue flag, and offer all kinds of services to guarantee the comfort, like cleanliness, analysis of water and of the sand, restaurants, rents of hammocks, elements to go in for sports, and for other options more.


Also Tarragona is provided with two areas protected by law, which are very well preserved, and where you will find a big diversity of fauna and flora that give him to the area a big wealth. These two protected spaces are the Top of the Móra, and the mouth of the river Gaià and the beach of Tamarit, in them we can discover more than 80 species different from birds, carrascos pines and bullfinches, forests of sabinas…

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There are 15 km of coast where they emphasize 7 beaches and 3 coves. The beaches Larga, Savinosa, Capellans, Arrabassada, Milagro, Móra and Tamarit. And the coves Jovera, Roca Plana and Fonda.

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Also we can realize a big number of aquatic activities as kayak, windsurfing, sail, oar, ski-bus banana, diving, boss of yacht, underwater fishing, subaquatic hockey, and many other activities that allow us to spend a good time.

More info: http://avexperience.es/destinos-ave/tarragona/