17 Mar Getaway to Puertollano this Holy Week

If you want to avoid the bustling places, you like nature and a city rich in heritage and culture and will make a family getaway, Puertollano is your destination. Located in the province of Ciudad Real in Castilla La Mancha, it will show you its rich mining past so you can feel how the barreneros and artillerymen lived, as well as paleros and picadores. In this way, we recommend an interesting route chronologically guided by the different stages of this industrial city and its spectacular mining heritage. In this sense, a visit to the Mining Museum is highly recommended.

You can also visit the figure of our most universal hidalgo, Don Quixote de la Mancha, and everything that surrounded him in the Ethnological Museum.

If you like nature and outdoor sports, in the facilities of the Boyal Dehesa, you can recreate hiking routes and participate, with active tourism companies in the area, in activities such as visits to volcanoes and observe carnivorous plants and the emblematic fauna of the Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona.