Feria de M†laga

13 Aug Fair of Malaga 2016

Today begins the Fair of Malaga 2016, and for one week its streets fill with life and fun. Its programming contains more than 100 free spectacles for all the publics.


Today the opening ceremony of the Fair takes place with the traditional public announcement this year given by Vanesa Martín, singer and composer of Malaga. To 00:00 hours is realized the spectacle piromusical. Twenty minutes later than this one it begins the first concert of the Fair, operates Barei.

Saturday morning is the Pilgrimage to the Basilica Sanctum of Santa Maria of Victoria. At 10:30 in the Walk of the Park it is the concentration of harnessings, horses and pilgrims. And at 11:30 the covey leaves for the floral gift to the Santa, the standard-bearer is Daniel Hierrezuelo Navas. In the Sanctum will operate the Choir Andalusian Air .

The historical center of the city also will be cheered up, in the squares they will operate different groups, also in the museums and centers of arts they have a wide number of exhibitions.

In the night in Real of the Fair at 21:30 the Exhibition site is inaugurated, and in the diverse huts there are activities and different concerts for different types of tastes and ages. In the Municipal Auditorium at 23:00 there is an exhibition of of Malaga and Flamenco dances.

On Sunday a cattle is realized with horse-trainers in the bullring The Malagueta, and a harnessings exhibition. And in Real from the Fair one emphasizes the walk of the Amazon and the municipal hut of the Flamenco and the popular folk song.

On Monday and the rest of the week, there is a bullfight every day, the rest of activities stays quite similar between the days. The fair finishes on Sunday, the 21st at 22:00 with the historical cavalcade, which is a recreation of the entry of Reyes Católicos in the city.

Flamenco 3

More info: http://avexperience.es/destinos-ave/malaga/