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10 Jan Ríomundi Córdoba Festival 2018

The world on the shore of the Guadalquivir. Ríomundi is a Festival of experiences where the music, gastronomy and crafts of the big cities seated on the shore of the two most significant rivers in the world will be the protagonists.

Cordoba capital receive from June 8th to 10th this year, the Festival, which pay tribute to the great rivers of the world, including the Thames, Danube, Nile, Ganges, Seine, Hudson, Mississippi and the Guadalquivir, around which the festival is organized.

This contest wants to be known all over the world, it will be an international event, how the cultures, the cities and the countries that have developed their history at the same time as the life of a river has developed.

A place for everyone. Nine stages with simultaneous programming, four rivers and one day and four others the next repeating the Guadalquivir two days as host. Three days of experiences aimed at an audience of all ages and featuring international artists.

Finally that stands out that we also conceive Ríomundi as a site for coexistence and citizen participation through the collaboration of groups linked to the defense of the river’s environmental values.

Córdoba is a city with a colossal cultural and monumental legacy. Its strategic location, close to the famous Guadalquivir River, once navigable, and the heritage of the different peoples settled in its rich lands, have made it a privileged place.

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