03 Jul Moors and Christians of San Blas 2017 Festivity

Great historical recreation in Alicante of the entrances of the Christian and Moor armies at the Festival of the Moors and Christians of San Blas on July 15th and 16th, 2017, between 109:30 and 23:00. On July 17th, there will also be a representation of the Reconquista.

They are one of the most important festivals of the Comunitat Valenciana and, although its origins are religious, today in this celebration with much music, parades and processions, fireworks and the desire for fun.

The ornaments of her costumes make her a very striking and spectacular party that you should not miss. In addition, this can be a good excuse to make an escape to Alicante, a city that will fascinate you by its impressive beaches, its rich heritage and a gastronomy to taste and to enjoy with the 5 senses.

Check here the schedule of the holidays: