04 Apr “I love shopping” in Antequera

The industrial activity in Antequera dates back to the late fifteenth century, when they began to implant in the city some textile factories that were proliferating in later centuries and becoming a benchmark of the Andalusian textile sector, reaching its peak in the first half of the XIX. However, from that industry only remains of the factories and some of its machines and utensils that you can discover in the exhibition of the Antequera Textile Industry, located in El Henchidero in the beautiful neighborhood of San Juan.

Over time, Antequera was transformed into an eminently commercial and service city, with establishments of high quality that, at present, extend throughout the historic center, forming one of the Open Commercial Centers of reference in Andalusia.

As every spring, a municipal campaign has been launched. Under the slogan “I love shopping” – “Your purchases here”, the aim is to create synergy between Antequera trade and tourism that comes to the city.