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20 May I Tourism and Gastronomy Week

The Association of Waiters of Segovia and collaborating entities invite you to participate in the First Week of Tourism and Gastronomy. Territory and Landscape.

From May 30th to June 4th, Segovia will host the 5th Regional Congress of Tourism and Gastronomy, but there will also be competitions of Cocktail and Chiefs of Room; Festivals of Exaltation of Piglet and Transhumance and you can taste the best of the gastronomy of Segovia in the Tent Land of Sabor.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the specialties of Segovian cuisine where the star is the roasts, especially the suckling pig and the suckling lamb.

In addition, you can taste other dishes of this region such as the Castilian soup, the beans of the Farm, stews and trout dishes. Savor local sausages and local wines. And if you want to sweeten a little more the visit to the city, try the popular Segovian punch or the Florones, cakes and rosquillas from Segovia.

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