09 Feb Kalendas: immerse yourself in the Roman past of Cordoba



From February 23rd to March 11th, Córdoba launches Kalendas, a program of activities that will allow us to learn about the importance of Roman culture in the city of Córdoba with dramatized routes, guided tours, gastronomy, theater, historical re-enactments, courtyards, virtual reality, extracurricular activities, monumental offer, workshops for children and adults, gastronomy, conferences … everything to discover the Roman footprint in this beautiful city. And it is that visiting Cordoba, a World Heritage city, is always a magnificent kind of history. The city is an authentic open-air museum and has witnessed the passage of different civilizations that have left their mark on it that translates into a historical, cultural, architectural and archaeological heritage without equal.

Beyond the indisputable Arab trace that keeps, Cordoba has an obvious Roman footprint that you can now enjoy with Kalendas. In fact, the consul Claudio Marcelo founded this city between the years 169 and 152 a.C. under the name of Corduba, which became one of the most important cities of the Roman Bética province and became the capital of the province of Hispania Ulterior.

Among the Roman vestiges to visit during the stay in the city is the Roman Bridge that connects the two banks of Guadalquivir; Arroyo Pedroche Bridge; amphitheater; Roman temple of Claudio Marcelo street, the biggest of the time; mausoleum; Roman Theater located below the Archaeological Museum and Palace of Maximiano Hercúleo, among others.