24 Nov Live in Valencia the most Mediterranean Christmas

If you want to make a getaway at Christmas and you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures, sun and life on the street, Valencia is waiting for you. Even in winter this city has an enviable climate for you to enjoy walks by the sea, savor a paella on a terrace and walk through its historic center to discover all its heritage.

Also, thinking about these parties and the environment that surrounds them, the Valencian City Council installs a skating rink in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. In another square, in the Plaza de la Reina, you can see a monumental Nativity Scene and attractions for children and, throughout the city, there are trees lit at many points. Also, do not miss the Nativity Scene route and the traditional Christmas markets.

If for you gastronomy is another of the strengths when choosing your destination for your getaways, Valencia has a varied and delicious cuisine with its popular paella as the most representative dish, although not the only one. On these dates, the restaurants offer their own Christmas menus at the best price without reducing the minimum quality.

If you feel like firing the year and welcome 2018 in style, Valencia also proposes a New Year’s Eve is magical and fun.

To complete your stay in the city, you can enjoy succulent discounts for you to visit the City of Arts and Sciences and Bioparc, among others.

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