09 Mar Holy Week of Cuenca, of International Tourist Interest

With over 400 years old and declared of International Tourist Interest, Holy Week in Cuenca is very colorful and interesting, partly due to the very structure of the city itself, with narrow streets and slopes.

Processions are examples of devotion and art. Particularly noteworthy is the one that takes place at dawn on Good Friday, the Camino del Calvario, accompanied by the unmistakable “mobs” (sounds of drums and trumpets).

It is always a pleasure to visit Cuenca, a World Heritage city, sitting between the gorges of the Júcar and Huecar rivers, for its monumental, cultural and gastronomic wealth.

Hanging Houses, a jewel of the popular architecture, are spectacular although also emphasize its Cathedral of Santa Maria and San Julián, constructed after the recapture; its Plaza Mayor, a perfect place to enjoy its tranquility in one of its many terraces, and its cobblestone streets are the main attractions for those who visit it but this city offers much more. Also of obligatory visit are its famous “skyscrapers” of District of San Martín; Mangana Tower of the sixteenth century; Bridge of San Pablo or the ruins of a castle of XIII century and the convent of San Pablo.