16 Mar You will love Palencia´s Holy Week


Excitement, passion and emotion are the adjectives that best describe Palencia ´s Holy Week , International Tourist Interest. An important date in this small and silent city, also called the eternal unknown, which has a unique charm that you will love.

The procession of the Borriquilla, opens a Holy Week full of acts, steps and customs marked by the characteristic solemnity and simplicity that define Palencia ´s Holy Week. The preceding acts begin with the Via Crucis and continue with the well-known yinkana cofrade, a unique opportunity to enjoy with family and friends. And it closes with the proclamation of the festivities, which brings together all the faithful at Church of San Francisco.

To the rhythm of Tararú the guilds parade through the streets of Palencia with their usual elegance and austerity. Don´t forget Call of the Brothers and Greetings of Standards, exercises of fraternal union between neighbors and religious congregations. The festivities conclude on Resurrection Sunday with the Procession of the Veil Breaking.