19 feb Lent starts in Seville

Lent begins in Spain: these 40 days after Ash Wednesday, which separate the Carnival from Easter. A very special day for believers and Seville shows all its splendor and its willingness to welcome anyone who wants to know and enjoy an unparalleled destination. Its streets begin to notice the departure of winter and the desire to welcome spring (the season that further enhances the inimitable beauty of this Avexperience city). Seville is filled with a special feeling that is felt in every corner, and interesting proposals that demonstrate to the visitor what awaits you in what will be the Holy Week in Seville.

This is a great time to visit churches to marvel at the jewelery and carvings artists centenarians as Juan de Mesa, Martinez Montanes or Pedro Roldán and admire how the 69 fraternities that will at Easter with more than 100 steps. And, as always, Seville offers thousands of possibilities with its rich cultural legacy, art, culture, gastronomy, trade and natural grace.

More information: http://visitasevilla.es/es/node/1883

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