12 Jan Leon, delicacy of Kings

In this 2018, León (city and province) is already officially the Gastronomic Capital of Spain and does so with the slogan, “León, Delicacy of Kings”. A whole declaration of intentions with which it will show the world its culinary wealth, its unbeatable raw materials and its great variety of flavors. Undoubtedly, if you visit this region, you will fall madly in love with its traditional stews, delicious tapas and more innovative pizzas because you can not understand a vacation on this land without tasting the best of your table, which is a lot and good: the taste of the tradition in its cecina, chorizos, blood sausages and other derivatives of the pig, but you also have to taste the classic trout soups.

Separate chapter deserve the meats, the cooked castizo and different delicacies from the local garden. Even restaurants that bet on avant-garde cuisine is committed to the raw materials of the land. A great party of flavors that is always accompanied by the delicious desserts based on mantecadas, donuts, pastries, puff pastries, almonds, nicanores, ribbons, San Marcos Cake, rice pudding and milk, among others.

Going for wines or cañas and tapas is very typical and takes on the status of authentic art in Barrio Romántico or Barrio Húmedo, full of bars, taverns and taverns. Nothing better than being in good company tasting cheese platters and sausages, tortilla skewers, spicy potatoes, octopus, squid or “tapas papon” (casserole of chickpeas and spinach with cod) … And Leon tastes glory.