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11 May Moors and Christians Day in Lleida

The Moors and Christians day is one of the most important and famous of Lleida. Dated for the first time at the XII Century, this festivities have recovered its brightness in the last years, being the only one celebrated in Catalonia.

The structure of the festivity is more or less the same as in the XIX Century, and is focused in two sides: the Moors and the Christians. The actual festivity have a length of two days, from Saturday to Sunday, being the Sunday the most important day.


The weekend starts at the Paeria Square, with the first journey starred by the Embassies. The parlaments of the ambassadors Moor and Christian talking to stop the battle of Sunday.

When Sunday comes, the Festivity displays all its color on the streets. We start the journey with the child entrance, dressed with the own customes of every group and entering at the San Juan´s Square. At the noon, the bands are introduced and play typical music of Lleida.


The evening begins with the entrance of gala. A visual feast for visitor enjoyment. The groups wear their best dresses and have the captaincy that have been preparing all year.

In the evening, we will see the parliaments and the final battle. Parliaments are verbal confrontations, humorously, which finishes with the staging of the battle for possession of the city. This battle has a unique setting as the Seu Vella and alternating victory is year after year. This is one of the features that distinguishes the party ilerdense of other celebrations.


Prepare your getaway Avexperience, choose your side and live the Moors and Christians in Lleida as never before you had done.

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