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20 Jul Music and tradition in Segovia

When we say Segovia you can’t forget its eclecticism, that mixture of Mozarabic, Christian and Roman architecture; neither its Aqueduct, the Alcázar fortress or the impressive Catedral de Santa María. But you can’t get stuck there, keep reading and get in touch with the unknown part of the city. From a few years ago Segovia has turned into one of the capitals of the alternative movement of Spain.

From the most traditional until nowadays, we have to start with the Aqueduct: the main character of these days because the celebration of the typical “Abrazo al Acueducto” (on the 15th July): in this ocassion it has an incredible acceptance by the public. You neither cannot miss the Cathedral, the Aclázar, the Old Major Synagoge and the Monastery of San Antonio el Real. Take advantage of the ready-made itinerary proposals of the Segovia Tourism wegpage; try to choose just one route!

Segovia has also a good museistic culture with a great offer. Take a look to the exhibits of The Contemporary Art Museum Esteban Vicente, that in addition of its permanent collection, right now they are exhibiting the work of Eugenio Granell. But you can also visit the Rodeo Robles Museum, the Provincial or the museum-house of Antonio Machado if you prefer.

As an alternative you can watch the city from the outskirts and follow the routes of the viewpoints; or find out about the programme of the Real Casa de Moneda that the next Sunday (23th July) opens its cycle of musical evenings, with the performance of the Choir of the University of Oregon: 32 impressive mixed voices especialized in a capella music.


In the summer the ideal option to mvoe through the city is the definitely the bike. Check out the bicycle rental service of the main hall here.

Dispel your misconceptions and plan your journey surfing the webpage of the Tourism of Segovia: