08 Sep Horse Autumn in Cordova

Today we recommend the Horse Autumn in Cordova, a unique event that brings together all the fairs and events dedicated to horse and equestrian culture. The figure of this animal has always been linked to the city. In 1570 in King Felipe II orders to create the horse of pure Spanish race in the Royal Stables of Cordova, and this autumn the city becomes the epicenter of the world of the horse.

A program that is made up of activities, championships, events and shows and runs from October to December, starting with the International Fair of Equestrian Tourism (from 5th to 8th October), the first appointment of the equine calendar. Other events already set are the Horse Shows and Traditions (November 4th) and the lecture series “Cordoba Horse Capital” (December 6th-10th). Check out all the activities and plan a unique and unrepeatable trip to the City of Three Cultures: