07 Feb Ourense and its magical “Entroido”


Carnival has its own name: Ourense, which is the capital of a province that concentrates up to seven declared carnivals of tourist interest, highlighting those of Laza, Xinzo and Verín, which make it the perfect shuttle to enjoy this festival of subversion and good humor.

The Entroido, as it is also known as the Carnival, is a celebration of a very long tradition in Ourense, as it continued to be celebrated despite the prohibitions in the past. Nowadays, it is still one of the most popular celebrations, with the streets full of people day and night wearing their costumes, full of imagination and good humor. Each neighborhood has characteristic traditions and characters, and even its own mask, the Pita das Eiroás, in the nucleus of As Eiroás, part of the rural perimeter of the city.

In the Entroido Ourense it is mandatory to always wear costume, whatever it is (otherwise, you risk paying rounds in the bars) and taste the typical product of these dates, the ears: there are sweets, made with eggs and flour; but also pork, cooked and seasoned with salt and paprika.

The Carnival in Ourense is an unrepeatable experience and, if you have a sense of humor, you have to enjoy them.