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18 Oct Palencia, much more than a tourist destination

Palencia is a living city, which has been growing and becoming more beautiful, with the passage of the years. It is an example of good coexistence of styles and constructions of different historical moments. This city can not be understood without its Calle Mayor, epicenter of the day-to-day life of the Palencians with its arcades and its beautiful buildings (many of them designed by the architect Jerónimo Arroyo), where much of the trade is concentrated.

The Cathedral, also known as La Bella Desconocida, is a real jewel because of the number of works of art it houses and one of the largest in Spain. In the chapter of religious constructions, it is also worth mentioning the convents of San Pablo, Santa Marina and de la Piedad and the churches of San Miguel, San Juan Bautista, San Francisco, Las Claras or Nuestra Señora de la Calle.

Among the civil buildings, you must to visit is the Diputación, the Mercado de Abastos, the bridges over the river Carrión and the Plaza Mayor.

This destination has a variety of museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, located in Casa del Cordón, the Cathedral Museum, the Diocesan Museum, the Interpretation Center of Victorio Macho, at the foot of Cristo del Otero, the Water Museum, in the Canal Dock and the existing one in the Diaz-Caneja Foundation.

On the other hand, Palencia is one of the cities with the highest proportion of green areas in relation to the number of inhabitants that are great for sports and outdoor activities or just to walk and unknow.

The Isabel II Hall Park, Isla Dos Aguas Park, El Sotillo, Huertas del Obispo, Los Jardinillos de la Estación, Parque Ribera Sur, La Huerta Guadián or La Carcavilla…are some of the natural areas that you will love.

To get to know the city better and enjoy more life in its streets, it is best not to miss your parties. The pilgrimages of San Marcos or Santo Toribio, the Candelas Day (February 2nd), the Fair Chica or the San Antolín (September 2nd), Easter or Carnival are the most fun.

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