20 Mar Holy Week in Seville: passion and art on every street

Seville celebrates Holy Week from the sixteenth century. Devotion, culture and art are presents on every street. Nazarenes carry authentic sculptural and crafts jewels, which reflect the passage of time, from the Baroque to the present. In fact, the sensation that people have is to make a magnificent journey through the centuries.

Two of the most important processions are Christ of the Great Power, in which the silence is the main protagonist, and the Virgin Macarena proecession, in which the emotion of the participants and spectators. It is very exciting to hear saetas or flamenco songs that people sing from the balconies or on the street at the passage of the saints.

Beyond the faith and beliefs of each person, Holy Week in Seville is a unique experience: it is a surprising event, full of emotions, that can not be described with words. You must live an d feel it.