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17 Aug Puertollano, ideal destination if you are looking for tranquility

Located between the hills of San Julián and Santa Ana, Puertollano is a city that exudes tranquility. Among its essential are its popular Fuente Agria, a spring of mineral-medicinal waters located on the Paseo de San Gregorio, another of the places you should visit if you are in this destination and if you want to relax and disconnect, without forgetting, of course, the Museum Of Mining that accounts for its fertile mining past.

Its hermitages, of the Soledad and of the Virgen de Gracia, and the Church of the Assumption, of the sixteenth century, are also patrimonial jewels that visit.

Among the natural treasures of the place are the Natural Park of the Valley of Alcudia and the Dehesa Boyal, where you can enjoy nature and practice outdoor sports. Another outstanding natural point, but in the center of the city, is the Botanical Garden, from the 19th century.

To overcome the high temperatures typical of this time of year, Puertollano has a good number of pools, many of them public access, highly recommended.

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